dinsdag 16 mei 2017

NEW: Peter Hammill live in Osaka 2011 - 2CD - September 21

Peter Hammill
Osaka, Knave
21 September 2011

I received this one in on CD-R, from a friend of mine
I have no idea about lineage and about who recorded this show


My Room
Too Many Of My Yesterdays
The Mercy
Shingle Song
The Birds
A Better Time
Friday Afternoon
Gone Ahead
(encore clapping)
(encore clapping)
Again - a cappella

Peter Hammill solo - voice, Yamaha grand piano, acoustic guitar

Audio quality Very Good

Hammill's was in very good vocal form, both with fresh, very powerful vocals as deep bass - bariton/tenor and with an high controlled falsetto, full of harmonics; the show is intense, theatrical, dramatic and lyrical, with very few instrumental errors, at piano as at guitar, particularly in the first section and Hammill has a great facility with the highest notes of his voice, as ever used like an instrument full of colors and dimamics.
Curtains is one of the best versions of his whole career, if not the best and the same thing I can say for The Mercy, great versions too of Comfortable, The Birds (with a clothing section never so intense), Amnesiac (as a thunder), Stumbled, an intense Friday Afternoon.
If I did not seen the tracklist and the date, I would have thought this was a show of Hammill's best vocal period - '86/'90 or 1997/2004 -
A very interesting document for new and old fans.
Higly Recommended

Download this bootleg here

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