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NEW: Peter Hammill "Reel 1" - 1CD - live in Italy 1972

Peter Hammill "Reel 1"

Date: December 1972 - Supporting Le Orme
Location: Italy (unknown town)
Venue: unknown

Tracks: 01. Intro & broken string
02. Easy To Slip Away (P)
03. Refugees (P)
04. German Overalls (G)
05. Slender Threads (G)
06. The Birds (G)
07. I Once Wrote Some Poems (G)
08. Afterwards (P)
09. The Lie (Bernini's St. Theresa) (P)
10. In The End (P) [beginning cut]

(P) = Piano
(G) = Guitar

Tot. Time: 45’35”

This comes from a set of 3 open reels whose source is the same as all the Rimini 1975 shows I seeded last year, though the quality varies a lot and is definitely not on par with those.
There was no info on the reel boxes about when and where these were recorded, but there's a 99,9% probability they all come from shows in Rome (or very nearby).
Unfortunately those originals reels have been lost (destroyed) years ago, so all I can offer comes from 1st generation copies on cassettes I did about 15/20 years ago...
With the help of a bunch of much more PH/VDGG knowledgeable guys than I will ever be, I'm bringing all three of them out with as much information as I could gather.

This was the most difficult to track and its location and date have not yet been 100% ascertained. The hint is in the PH/crowd banter where people start shouting for Orme and Hammill replies that shouting or whistling will not bring them out any sooner. This qualifies it for sure as a late 1972 show when PH was indeed touring Italy supporting Le Orme.

Since ALL of the taper's masters I copied come from Rome, I assumed this show as well might come from there. But for one fact: on that tour there were no shows in Rome that I could find mentioned anywhere. So a possibility is this comes from Rome's closest town, which would place it in Terracina, at Teatro Traiano. But let me stress this is just a wild guess.

The recording is quite good, possibly one of the best from the era, though it suffers from quite a few problems. First, the cassette copy was done in a studio with plenty of unwanted radio interference, as is mostly evident in the quietest passages. Furthermore, the original reels had a few flaws: possibly the show was taped over a previous radio recording, as there were a few different "interruptions" where an Italian dj voice which had nothing to do with the Hammil show broke in. This have been edited out: you can here the skips but I decided this solution was better than leaving them in. There are also a few 'phasing' problems here and there which are due to the original and not to the cassette copy or transfer. Nothing else has been done to the recording eq or editing wise apart from normalizing at -16db in Soundforge, and even the final song, which was cut in the original, has been left the way it was without any fades.

Still, the show is fabulous and there are some ripping cries from Hammill (check out The Birds!).

Download this bootleg here

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